We are very happy to let you know that the music made during a very special week at Cossack ‘Bajinhurrba’ in the
West Pilbara during September 2017 is available for download and streaming RIGHT NOW.

"Musicians serenaded painters at work. [Luthier] Scott Wise crafted an electric dulcimer out of a piece of wood he’d found. Bernard Fanning and Alex Gow wrote a song together after meeting for the first time that morning. Kav Temperley completed vocal takes in the desert as sculptors worked in silence on the salt flats nearby. Sally Seltmann wrote a song for the river while sitting by it."

The Album is an 18-song collection titled Vast, released Friday 16 November. There will also be an accompanying documentary released alongside the album, capturing the energy of the ghost town-turned-artist hub.

  1. Paul Dempsey – 'The Sky’s Gone Missing'

  2. Alexander Gow – 'Have A Little Faith'

  3. Bernard Fanning - 'Everything'

  4. Glenn Richards – 'Cossack Tide'

  5. Sally Seltmann – 'River River'

  6. Kav Temperley - 'Sugarstone'

  7. Bernard Fanning – 'Ashes & Dust'

  8. Tyson Mowarin – 'Best I Can'

  9. Rowena Wise - 'Overgrow'

  10. Jae Laffer – 'Ruins Of A Nameless Man'

  11. The Healys - 'Tradition'

  12. Nick Sheppard – 'You Get What You Give'

  13. Paul McDermott – 'Let Go'

  14. Aimee Chapman - 'Swallows'

  15. Adam Harvey – 'Red Dirt Town'

  16. Ryan Brennan – 'Fifo Waltz'

  17. Ian Campbell – 'Ghost Town'

  18. Josie Alec – 'Vast Thoughts'